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system posted on 2023-1-9 14:34

Clamping Vagina of Silicone Doll


usa posted on 2023-1-28 08:28

Nice, how much cost?

Daddyfinger2 posted on 2023-2-7 11:44

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Approximately $150 USD seems to be the average.

I got this feature on a 163 B cup and it does exactly what it advertises. Mine came with 9 settings; #9 being the strongest and fastest suction of 3 short pulls followed by a 4 second pull that repeats. its a strong suction which was surprising. It also vibrates but there was no separate feature to disengage vibration, it's all or nothing. IT does have a mechanical sound and light hissing coming from the right rib area just under the arm pit where the control module is installed.

The battery unit last about 20 to 30 mins on its highest setting before needing a recharge.

usa posted on 2023-2-16 00:28

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Thank you for replying! :handshake
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