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Daddyfinger2 posted on 2023-2-7 12:25

Automatic Body Movement

I received one of the new mechanical robot dolls with the body movement feature. Here's how it went.

Out of the box the Doll appeared to be in perfect condition. well packaged inside of the box but the exterior of the box showed a lot of shipping damage. luckily there wasn't a single scratch on the doll. a 163 B cup. 1st thing to do was thaw the doll since it came thru Alaska and arrived to her home in the remote Appalachian area that's presently freezing cold. the doll was basically frozen on arrival. After sitting in room temp for 2 days, I felt comfortable enough to remove her from the packaging. Body heating was added to this unit but it arrived inoperable and failed to heat the unit past 74-F. disappointing but no biggie since i have a heat blankets that works just as good. the next thing I found was the body movement feature when activated did what it was advertised to do and did move the center of the torso in 3 separate speeds. after leaving the movement option on for approximately 2 minutes seeing what it does, a popping sound came from the upper center torso. I immediately turned it off. checked to make sure it wasn't being cause by some poor posture issue and tried restarting the feature. this time a snapping sound came from the upper front torso and the movement turned into a small clicking twitch. the supplier wanted video of this malfunction and in obtaining the video the torso section of the skeleton broke and the doll bent 90 degrees backwards. the shaft that drives the body movement feature broke. There is a lose clunking when moving the doll around now. You can hear a loose rod banging around the interior of a metal container housing the mechanism. After discussing the matter with the seller I made the call that this unit was too unsafe to use since the torso was completely unstable. I ordered a replacement. I would not take my experience as typical.  this happened to be a unique and individual mechanical failure given the proven track record of high quality dolls from Irontech. Sadly there won't be a refund since this was a custom order and you know how that is. Repairing the motor and shaft seems too big of a hassle shipping it back for repair. The new replacement will arrive soon and hopefully things turn out a better.   

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