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Hi everyone, I am here to do a little review for a stunning Irontech doll made of 145 cm TPE. First of all, I inquired through Irontechdoll's customer service, the person in question being Kenneth, a very professional, attentive person who responds very quickly.

The TPE doll was built in one week, and I took advantage of the February offer to have many free options included in the offer. The options are as follows: Gel breasts, articulated hands, Evo option, standing capability, and a free head with an integrated tongue on both heads.

Once the doll was constructed, Kenneth sent me factory photos without cheating. I immediately approved the work and the doll was sent on the same day. The reactivity was really superb.

I chose to have the doll shipped by boat as I wasn't in a hurry. The delivery took exactly 46 days, and the status of the package did not change for a long time, so there was no need to panic. I often order from China, and it's often like that.

The doll arrived well packaged and protected in a sort of blue duvet with protections. In the package, there were many small things such as enema pears, lingerie, a small rose, a heating USB, a hairbrush, and an adapter for the head.

As for the skeleton, I am very impressed. It is clear that they know what they are doing. The skeleton is of really good quality.

The TPE is still new, and there is even the smell of newness. The TPE smells very slightly, and I haven't washed the doll yet. I think that just one shower will take care of it. Anyway, even though the smell is slight, it is not at all unpleasant. I would even say that it is quite pleasant.

The TPE seems to be of very good quality. The legendary softness of the TPE and its incredible softness are present. I cannot give my definitive opinion on this as I believe that TPE ages with time, and nourishing it, etc., can make it even more soft. I would need more time to give a definitive opinion, but my first impressions are excellent.

The hands are really beautiful, and the articulated hands are really great. The gel breast option is also a superb option, even though all types of breasts have their qualities. Full breasts are great too. It's a matter of personal taste, but I would say that gel breasts would be more soft, a mix between full and hollow breasts, while full breasts are firm while retaining the legendary softness of TPE.

That's all I can say after a few days with the beautiful Irontechdoll TPE doll. With time, I will add more if I have anything new to say. Anyway, don't hesitate, the work is really of good quality with excellent customer service.

The face speaks for itself, here's a photo, and it's sublime.


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