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Doll care

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Post on 2023-5-14 23:02 |All posts
Hi Irontech!
I always appreciate your useful blog and I am reading it regularly.
I would like to nominate a topic for your next blog post.
Could you please write also some kind of handbook  about an actual doll care?

How to extend her longevity… e.g. what products to use safely on her, when we want to beautify them again (after loosing some colors or lashes or even when make up bit fades away- some tips and tricks, what we can do to “fix our dolls up”… what glue for eyelashes to use..and how to apply them..  what products we can use for doing or removing her make up- eyeshadows, eye pencils, eyebrow pencils, etc… ) tips for DOs and DONTs. Etc…

This would be highly appreciated!



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Post on 2023-6-27 22:01 |All posts
Remember that doll care will be quite different if your lady (or guy) is silicone or TPE. Some will also depend on how much use they're getting.

Either way, an official guide might be a good idea as there's a lot of conflicting information out there. Things like washing (full body), internal cleaning, and powdering might make good topics to go alongside the more complex stuff like eyelash repair.

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Post on 2023-7-4 15:58 |All posts
I would suggest a topic on both material types (TPE/Silicon). What I also miss in the suggestion is how to use clothing with your doll. I know for instance that TPE is very stain sensitive when it comes to dyed clothing.

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