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Admirer posted on 2023-5-14 23:05

Doll care

Hi Irontech!
I always appreciate your useful blog and I am reading it regularly.
I would like to nominate a topic for your next blog post.
Could you please write also some kind of handbook  about an actual doll care?

How to extend her longevity… e.g. what products to use safely on her, when we want to beautify them again (after loosing some colors or lashes or even when make up bit fades away- some tips and tricks, what we can do to “fix our dolls up”… what glue for eyelashes to use..and how to apply them..  what products we can use for doing or removing her make up- eyeshadows, eye pencils, eyebrow pencils, etc… ) tips for DOs and DONTs. Etc…

This would be highly appreciated!

IT community and fellow doll admirers, please do not hesitate to share also your own approved tips and tricks you are using when taking care of your dolls and their appearances!


system posted on 2023-5-16 18:16

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Hello, thank you for your comment. We will schedule this topic shortly : )
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