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Accidental doll owner of 168cm silicone beauty :)

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Post on 2023-7-18 03:18 |All posts
Hi all! First things first.. in april this year me and my boyfriend purchased our first doll to spice up our sexual life (quite ordinary and boring story). And we ould have a lot of fun with her for sure, but life is life and oftenly quite unpredictable, so we ended up breaking up (after some years) instead.
By the time I recieved her, my ex was already packing his stuff and moving out, so the poor lady was left untouched.
Which is absolutely unfair that her main purpose could never have been  fullfilled, as she is one HOT BEATIFUL BABE. For a while I “kept her company” and was trying to find her some different purpose, e.g. I used my lifetime experiences in Make-up art and immediately perfected her apperance (at least based on my standards) and was using her as a model for a fashion photoshooting (unfortunately i cannot attach these particular pics ) but the time comes, when  I feel like I should find her a new loving  home, when she can also serve her initial purpose and make someone trully happy as with her rocking body and beautiful faces (having 3 differnet heads=flavors of her) , it would be literally a sin not to..
Other than that, she is trully flawlesst, having it all- dark tan, ultrasoft body with realistic body painting, softgel (super squishy and bouncy) breast and ass, she is having standing feet without bolts, EVO skeleton and all heads are soft…
Unfortunatelly, I never would expect, that I would need/want  to sell her so soon, but as I cannot predict how my future boyfriend  would feel about me having this silicone beauty, I rather find her new home now, eventhough I still do not know how to do it (safely and comfortably). Would you help me and advise me, where and how to sell a pre-owned (not used) sex doll in EU? (So far  I found such markets only outside EU. Does anyone have any experience with selling doll within EU?
I would be so very much grateful for your help!  Thanks, guys, in advance!  Kisses, Mia..
PS: find attached pictures of this beauty ***(Warning! Some pictures are too spicy and bit vulgar tbh as well (but I thought some of you might be interested also in her private parts and sexy poses- and- for girl like me this 39kg doll was really super heavy to manipulate with, so I hope you will at least appreciate my effort! ) Ciao!


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Post on 2023-8-7 04:55 |All posts
Reply Fashiondoll 's thread


It's a shame you have to sell her, as she does look great!

There are two places that you can sell dolls in the EU, one is TDF (The doll forum), it's mostly American, but there are plenty of European members and they have a section just for doll sales. The other is UKLDF (UK love doll forum) - again, they have a similar sales section. Both forums have rules about selling - most require specific photos with your username and things like that, so be sure to read the rules before posting.

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