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166 Minus photographs (Silicone)  

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Post on 2022-12-10 07:06 |All posts

I'm new to this forum, but am on TDF and UKLDF with the same username.  Also on Twitter, so if you're on any of those platforms  you may have seen some of my pictures before. Anyway, I do have a lot to post, but thought I'd add these as a test first of all to see how this forum works. Hopefully it will...

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Post on 2022-12-10 21:23 |All posts

As the few photos that I posted as a test seem to display fine, here's a few more! I took these earlier this year. She is very photogenic!

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Starryfire  Nice photos! She looks very beautiful!  Post on 2022-12-13 08:50

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Post on 2022-12-12 13:43 |All posts
Nice pictures! Welcome to Irontech Doll Forum.:

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Post on 2022-12-12 18:15 |All posts
system posted on 2022-12-12 13:43
Nice pictures! Welcome to Irontech Doll Forum.:


I have a few more to share - this time in a nurse outfit!

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Post on 2022-12-14 14:08 |All posts

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Post on 2022-12-17 13:48 |All posts
A few more pictures - this time in her swimsuit!

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Post on 2022-12-28 05:05 |All posts
Reply Samurai 's thread

Thanks Sam - hopefully I'll have some time to take more soon!

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Post on 2023-6-21 18:42 |All posts
A few more photos - taken on a warm summer day!

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