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USED - damaged - discounted dolls?

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Post on 2023-8-9 16:00 |All posts
I've been looking around numerous places, and still not coming up with anything relevant, so helpful suggestions / direction would be greatly appreciated.
I'm looking for a way to learn full body massage techniques, but don't have any humans to collaborate with yet, so I figured a relatively realistic doll might be an option. I don't care about the erotic / sex functions, but I cannot exactly practice on a torso, or just limbs.  If anybody -- OEM, distributor, user / owner, enthusiast, etc -- could either give me a tip on where a defective / pre-owned / used doll might be available for a deep discount, I would deeply appreciate it.

Doesn't need to be too large, just large enough to represent useful practical practice on a human. My ideal budget is relatively low, because I am interested in a model / version / product that no true sex doll enthusiast would want to own.  Hope that makes sense.

Thanks in advance!

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Post on 2023-8-10 09:45 |All posts
Hi! Thank you for reaching out! Our sales representative will be more than happy to assist you in finding the doll you're looking for.

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